Canadian Coastal Gift Co

Canadian Coastal Gift Co features handmade and timeless gifts from cottage industries across Canada. Here you will discover a range of lovely gifts from our selection of Natural Woolen Products, Goat Milk Skin Care Products, Thermohair Mohair Socks, and Atlantic Pewter Jewelry.

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100% Natural Virgin Wool Products

These virgin wool products are from the only large woolen mill in Atlantic Canada.  These products are hand crafted and are available in a variety of sizes, colours, and beautiful patterns. They provide warmth and softness and make ideal gifts for any occasion.

Goat Milk Skin Care Products 

These goat’s milk products deliver vital nutrients and vitamins deep into the skin.  Its natural PH reducing and anti-inflamatory properties make it ideal for people with skin sensitivities, such as eczema, psoriasis, and cracked or damaged skiin.  These products are free from parabens, synthetic colours, and unnecessary chemicals.

Thermohair Socks

Thermohair socks are made from mohair which is the first hair sheared from the young kids of the angora goat and is the finest of mohair grades. Mohair is renowned for its lustre, warmth, and easy care.  The socks have the strength of mohair and the softness of cashmere.  They provide superb insulation and have proved effective as everyday wear.

Atlantic Pewter Jewelry

This jewelery is crafted from lead-free pewter – an alloy containing tin, copper and silver.  These items can be easily cleaned with warm water and mild soap  rinsed and dried with a soft cloth.


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